Ayala Nagel


Coaching cannot be compared with instruction or training.

The first step in coaching often involves specifically identifying the individual needs of the client. As much consideration needs to be given to the client's personality, goals and current life situation as to the context of his or her work environment, e.g. the culture, politics, goals and creative leeway of the organisation. In my experience, I have found that coachees are often so deeply embedded in this context that it is difficult for them to reflect on their situation from an objective and critical standpoint without professional assistance.

My first task is therefore to listen to you and to guide you with questions that enable us to identify your personal needs. Once we have done this, we decide what your coaching goals need to be and design a plan that includes specific activities and methods that will best support your individual needs.

I would be happy to have an initial, non-binding discussion with you.
If you would you like to arrange an appointment, please feel free to contact me.