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How managers compete...

In order to remain competitive, managers need to be able to analyse various different types of information in a short period of time, draw conclusions, take decisions and supervise and direct activities once they begin. They work in a complex environment that places huge demands on their skills: their ability to manage their own work, their work relationships and alliances and their ability to make sound judgements, to use their analytical skills and to manage organisation and change effectively.

What managers urgently need in these fast paced times is time to reflect on their own experience. Real learning takes place when they cross over into different areas and need to think through and reflect critically on their past experience.

...and how I support you

Moving between different areas, and different worlds, is something I also do myself on a regular basis. I grew up in Israel and have actively used traditional management skills for many years in my work as an IT consultant and project manager. I have been living and working in Germany for about 22 years. Working in a different culture was complicated in the beginning, sometimes confusing and quite often challenging. This change has taught me that meaningfulness is not gained by simplifying things, but by synthesising the knowledge one gains from using different approaches.

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