Coaching also in Corona times – no matter whether outside in nature, by phone or video.

Coaching in the nature

In many organisations, technological metaphors and approaches from the time of industrialisation still predominate. However, since the dawn of the information age at the latest, the associated organisational and management principles have become obsolete. Technocratic structures lack the perceptiveness, flexibility and innovative power to sustainably survive in an extremely transparent and rapidly changing environment.

The idea

Nature demonstrates solutions for dealing with constant change and uncertainty. These strategies can be applied to individuals, teams, groups and entire companies. The city park offers groups and teams a unique opportunity to reflect on the parallels between their own organisation and the "garden" ecosystem in the man-made garden landscape, to recognise the effects of dynamic group processes and thus also to learn new things about the interactions between individual members and the team. The unfamiliar environment facilitates many new perspectives, promotes creativity and thus breaks down sustainability.established thought structures. The insights gained from this are "pictorially" anchored and thus ensure a high level ofThe insights gained from this are "pictorially" anchored and thus ensure a high level of sustainability.

My coaching offer in nature

Individual Coaching

Can you find yourself in nature? And if so, where? What strategies do plants use in nature to make the most effective use of their strengths and improve the way they deal with their weaknesses? Which of these can you personally adopt? What can you consciously recognise in order to find goal-oriented solutions to your issues?

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Company Coaching

Can you recognise structures in nature that reflect you as a team or company? What strategies does nature use that you can apply to your teamwork or your company?

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