Coaching also in Corona times – no matter whether outside in nature, by phone or video.

What distinguishes me

Analysis and intuition

In addition to classical analysis techniques, my intuition helps me to work with my clients to identify their needs and to develop and implement an individual consulting concept.


From my culture I bring "hands-on" and "start-up" mindset to my consulting.

Recognising connections

I recognise overarching connections and often open up new perspectives and opportunities.

Organisation and control

I also organise and manage complex projects in a goal- and success-oriented manner and have a wide range of industry experience.

Inspiring people

I approach people in an open-minded and unprejudiced way and can inspire and carry groups away.


In consultations and seminars I can creatively respond to planned situations and spontaneous needs of my clients.

Intercultural competence

Through many years of experience in building and maintaining international cooperations, I have a high level of intercultural competence.


German, Hebrew, Hungarian and French.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Ayala Nagel

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