Coaching also in Corona times – no matter whether outside in nature, by phone or video.

Company coaching in nature

Implementation as a team activity

The team activity is designed for groups of 8 to 20 participants. Larger groups must be divided to maintain quality.

Contents (extract)

  • Discussion of the design principles of garden areas; strengthening of complex systems through stimulation factors and continuous opening of the senses (see, smell, feel)
  • Linking the new thoughts on one's own organisation and reflection on one's own role
  • Development of a vision with implementation strategy: How would I, as a gardener, shape the organisation?
  • Joint reflection on the "lessons learned”

The advantage

Are you not only looking for a motivating location for your company event, but also want to offer your teams an inspiring change of perspective on their own organisation in the relaxed atmosphere of a park? We use the ecosystem "park" as a metaphor and show your team members how they can better understand and develop the multi-layered dynamics of their own organisation.

Possible modules

Module 1

On a tour (duration approx. 2 h) we demonstrate concrete solutions of the complex ecosystem "nature" and reflect on structures and behaviour in organisations. These strategies, for example for dealing with change and uncertainty, can be applied to individuals, teams, groups and entire companies.

Module 2

For companies who would like to use this approach more intensively for their own organisational development, we also offer to apply the method in a workshop (approx. 3 h). The image of one's own organisation as a biological system opens up a new perspective for team members, promotes creativity and thus breaks down established thought structures. A dynamic group process develops. This process is moderated in such a way that concrete proposals for action are derived from the potential for improvement identified in the process. The experiences from the process are anchored "pictorially" and thus have a lasting effect.

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